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Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental implants. Millions of Americans have received them. Are you next? At Washington Dental in Marquette, MI, Dr. Brett Goymerac uses dental implants to rebuild gapped smiles for optimal appearance and oral function. Stable, strong and attractive, these tooth replacements imitate real teeth very accurately.

Losing teeth

When you lose a tooth, your entire smile changes. You might feel self-conscious or even embarrassed. Gaps also impact how well you bite, chew, digest your food, and speak. Remaining teeth start shifting out of position, as jaw bone height, width, and density degrade rapidly.

If you've lost teeth to decay, infection, or accident, Dr. Goymerac offers ways to replace those teeth effectively and expeditiously. Marquette, MI, dental implants are his premium tooth replacement options.

How dental implants work

A single dental implant has three parts: a titanium screw, a metal alloy post, and a porcelain crown. Your Marquette, MI, dentist places the titanium device directly into the empty tooth socket. Over time, the implant and bone osseointegrate, or bond together, forming a new tooth root which is strong and practically immovable.

This new root improves bone quality in the jaw. Once integrated, the implant is restored with the post and crown. You can bite and chew with them just like any natural tooth. The pressures of the normal oral function strengthen the jaw bone even more.

Dental implants are also very versatile. In his Marquette, WI, office, your dentist may place just one implant, or he can place more in the same arch, using them to stabilize fixed or removable dentures. These larger prosthetics feature the same bone-building advantages.

You may qualify for dental implants

To determine if dental implants are appropriate for your oral health needs, Dr. Goymerac will look at your health history and do a comprehensive oral exam. Special X-rays tell him if you have sufficient bone in your jaw to accept dental implants. Bone density is critical to implant success and longevity.

If you qualify, you'll have your oral surgery right at Washington Dental in Marquette, MI. Dental implants take just one appointment to install. Healing takes many weeks as the implant and bone bond.

Life with implants

You can eat your usual healthy diet, brush and floss normally, and see your dentist for your routine exams and cleanings. However, you should avoid teeth clenching and grinding and all tobacco products if possible. These things can cause implant failure. Overall, most implants are retained and remain useful for years and years.

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Your rebuilt smile starts with a call to Washington Dental in Marquette, MI. Phone the office for a dental implant consultation with Brett Goymerac: (906) 228-4646.

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